Commissioner of North Bay Village



Julianna Clare Strout is a resident of North Bay Village who is looking to represent the interests and concerns of North Bay Village as the At-Large candidate for Village Commissioner. She has too often heard her neighbors and others throughout the Village express their frustrations at not having their voices and priorities heard and addressed at Village Council meetings. Presently, Julianna is serving as Chair on the Village’s Charter Review Board and the Citizens Budget and Oversight Board.

     Julianna's grandfather John Pierce Lynch was elected to the House of Representatives in Massachusetts. So no surprise, that her interest in politics extends far back. Juliannas' family members were loyal volunteers who supported their favorite candidates and elected officials. Her interest in civic commitment goes back to her youth when she volunteered at nursing homes and animal shelters. While in high school, she volunteered at Baystate Medical Center’s Pediatric ward. She enjoyed speaking with the new mothers and listening to them talk about their newborn babies.

     Julianna continued her community work volunteering at battered women’s shelters and later with the Susan B. Komen breast cancer awareness foundation. She would counsel victims of abuse and prepared them for the stressful experience of testifying in court against their attackers. Advocating for victims of sexual abuse while she was an undergrad at UMASS Dartmouth. In her last semester of college, she entered the Miss Rhode Island/Miss America contest, won and represented Rhode Island in the Miss America Pageant. There, she won an additional scholarship for her platform Finding the Pulse to Recovery and winning a Talent award. Using her scholarships, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Marketing at University of Massachusetts Charlton College of Business and went on to work on an MA at Salve Regina in International Relations.


District 27 is a large and wonderfully diverse community, and there are many things that unite us. We all want safer streets, we 






Defining “student success” is one of the biggest moving targets out there.



Julianna's approach to infrastructure has been developed through her knowledge of the existing community financials.



Julianna's support for continued green initiatives of  North Bay Village community is at the forefront of her platform.

Build Together



I have had the pleasure of meeting Julianna through her volunteering and support for the Little Lighthouse Foundation. I’m consistently impressed in not just her philanthropy but also the passion and conviction she genuinely displays for the less fortunate children and families in South Florida. Even more impressing was learning of the non-profit she founded called Finding the Pulse to Recovery, which helps the victims of violence and sexual assault. A cause that we both share that is far too often overlooked or neglected. North Bay Village would be blessed to have such a proven leader and altruist in Julianna as a Commissioner.
— - Aaron Puckett Director of Corporate Partnerships Jackson Health Foundation
I confidently recommend Julianna Strout for the position of City Commissioner. I most admire Julianna for her selfless volunteer work. She has chaired the Little Lighthouse Foundation’s Holiday Toy Distribution Committee and served as a LLF Ambassador for the past year. I acquired a great deal of respect and admiration for her generosity, intelligence, and dedication to our good cause. I have found her to be totally trustworthy and competent.

Additionally, Julianna’s well-known commitment to accountability in business like diligently executing Miami’s first SoccerEx, will promote an atmosphere of openness in the area of city government. With proud enthusiasm, I support Julianna Strout.
— Jonathan Babicka Executive Director The Little Lighthouse Foundation
I would like everyone to know the beautiful human being that Julianna C. Strout is, she is really an angel from heaven, so loving, so compassionate always ready to help people in need, no matter who they are or where they come from. I know that she has worked with kids with disabilities donating her time and money cause she is that kind of person which in this world is hard to find.
I had the pleasure of working with and know her very well. She is very trustworthy, she is a hardworking person all the way, I think she gives too much and most of the time is not appreciated.
And the most important qualities of hers is that she is very respectful, reliable cause believe me you could ask her to help you and she will go out of her way and she will not let you down I could assure you that and she is very responsible and that to me is her most important quality because you could see that she is young but she is too mature for her age and she is very serious when she is given important tasks she makes sure it gets done and the correct way. I am a witness to the great job she did when we worked together she handled huge projects and I am talking huge in every sense millions dollar ones and she was able to handle all of them.
Thank you for the opportunity that I had to let you know that she will be the best candidate out of all and I could assure you that she will do an excellent and superb job.
— - Rosie Chamberlain Controller of Metro 1
Working with Julianna is an honest pleasure, she is undoubtedly one of the hardest workers we have ever had as part of our team. She goes above and beyond with all that she does and continually asks how else she can help. She brings a cheerful / joyful attitude to the office and makes it enjoyable for everyone who is here even in the hardest of times. Her dedication to work and charitable causes is one to be admired. No matter what the project focus or goal is, Julianna is a value added asset.
— - Garrett Navia Managing Director of GACP
I have always known Julianna to be true to heart and have utmost confidence in her ability to lead and always doing what is right: making the best decisions for her community. She is a leader and will make a wonderful commissioner.
— April Donelson The Executive Director of Haute Living Magazine
The pleasure is mine to know Julianna Clare Strout. She is an involved neighbor, volunteer, friend and DAR sister of mine. Her style, ethical approach, loyalty to her friends and non-stop work for others is impressive to me. She is a numbers cruncher/equity firm officer and this ability expands where it should. She is the North Bay Village Budget Board Chair and her style of being fiscally responsible is apparent. Julianna offers specifics to the North Bay Village Commission in all of her reports and is open and ready to answer all questions in this area.

Next, Julianna is, yet, another Chair! Her desire to be successful, conscientious and sincere to each of her Charter Review Board members is strong. She has expressed this importance to me.

Next, Julianna Clare Strout is Congressional material for a local North Bay Village Commission seat. She offers us stardom quality and connections throughout our country for our single municipality. This will include recruiting financial aid for us from our State leaders.

Just to finalize and simply put: I rate Julianna with 5 stars as she is our city’s number one star!
— Sissy Shute North Bay Village Resident